​Jim Ross Blogs On The WWE Draft, CM Punk Being A UFC Underdog, John Cena’s WWE Anniversary


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted his latest blog at JRSBARBQ.com. In his latest blog, JR looks at John Cena’s 14-year anniversary with WWE, CM Punk going into UFC 203 as an underdog and more. Here are some highlights:

On CM Punk entering UFC 203 as an underdog: “@CMPunk is the betting underdog for his fight at UFC 203 vs Mickey Gall but hasn’t Phil Brooks been an underdog all his life? I’m not predicting this match just yet but I do believe that Punk will do every thing within his power to put on a great fight that, win or lose, will make fans want want to see him fight again.”

On the WWE Draft: “Love all the amateur sleuths who are also die hard wrestling and who are seemingly scurrying after a litany of rumors to attempt to mine a ‘spoiler’ out of something, anything regarding the WWE Draft. Here’s a ‘spoiler’ for you, no matter who goes where in the Draft, many fans will second guess and criticize the process come hell or high water. That’s a lock and it is simply the social media frenzied world that we live in today. Plus, it will take several months to see how the Draft is shaking out and creating new stars who can move the needle in other words sell tickets, merchandise and create reasons to watch WWE broadcasts.”

On John Cena’s WWE anniversary: “@JohnCena debuted in @WWE 14 years ago today which is a proud moment for yours truly as our talent relations team signed John while he was working with Rick Bassman in Los Angeles at UPW Wresting. I recall flying back from LAX to NYC on a redeye and going straight to the WWE headquarters and going to see Vince McMahon to tell him that we just signed “A Wrestlemania Main Eventer in five years” which would have made it 2006. John debuted at WM in 2004 versus The Big Show so I was close. In 2005, John won the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21 in a career defining match with JBL. I remember Vince looking at me incredulously as I was an unshaved, red eye flying, wrinkled clothes wearing VP and telling me to “Go home…shower and shave.” I guess I did look a little rugged and my declaration about John Cena was a bit bold to say the least.”

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