The Latest Impact Departures: These Hurt A Lot


2018 is off to a great STOP. They’re still airing episodes from the October tapings in Ottawa which begs the question, why did they throw away two weeks of TV time on Best Of episodes when they had episodes filmed already? At some point, the tapings that have taken place this past week will air and that’s when we have to face the reality that we’ll be seeing the last of Lashley and EC3 with the company. And without Lashley, there’s no more Dan Lambert either. These are huge gaps that are being left and Anthem has proven that they don’t provide the stability and confidence that they were probably trying to sell in 2017. And that’s why these departures are worse than all the others. Yes, Austin Aries is back and that’s a good addition. But he alone cannot offset their losses here. And it’s only a matter of time before Eli Drake, Laurel Van Ness, and Rosemary take their leave as well, leaving a company in shambles. Now, I could actually be proven wrong like I was in 2016 when Bobby Roode and Eric Young left, but I don’t feel the same energy from the company. Shows taped this week take us all the way until the end of April. There’s no word on what venue their new PPV, Redemption, is being held. They’re following the same Dixie and Jarrett formula of taping in the Impact Zone for months at a time. It’s draining even to a die hard fan like myself. Nothing short of a miracle will make 2018 any better than 2017, and 2017 was rough.

Thanks for reading. Let’s here your thoughts on this.

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