NXT Superstars I Hope Win Championships in 2021


But if she doesn’t win it at all, how can WWE keep her credible? She’s the biggest woman on the roster and she’s failed to win any big matches. It’s already turning her into the female equivalent of Dave Mastiff, who looks like he should be a tough threat, but people 1/4 his size manage to take him out.

Niven is on the threshold of “shit or get off the pot” with her as someone to invest in. A few more losses and she’s dwindled her value to the point where I can’t imagine anyone getting hyped for her next challenge. With a few wins, though, maybe she can get back into the title hunt and finally pull it off.

I’m not holding out hope, to be honest. If they would have wanted her as champion, they would have pulled the trigger already, likely. But I’d hate to see someone get so close so many times only to ultimately never achieve that goal.

Which NXT stars do you want to see win championships this year? Tell us your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

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