Pissed off at Hell in the Cell? Don’t be and this why.


The feuds in WWE is changing, Randy Orton and John Cena is done, so now Orton is done with the WWE Title for now, so now who is he going
to feud with? I predict that Randy Orton is going to feud with the authority,
this way it creates a new story line between Randy Orton vs. Triple H and Kane.
The other feud of Ambrose and Rollins is over with now as well, this means that
it’s going to be Ambrose taking on Bray Wyatt in future bouts. My predictions
is that during Survivor series the outcome that is going to happen is Seth
Rollins going to end up holding the WWE Title.

What’s going to happen Monday night is Randy Orton is going
to confront the Authority over a chance to get at the belt, but Triple H is
going to tell him that he’s not the Face of WWE and he’s going to attack Triple
H, Kane and Rollins is going to take Orton out and that will end Randy Orton
being in the Authority and he’s going to change face.  This means that Randy Orton won’t be thinking
inside of the Authorities box and is going to be more or less thinking about
himself and chances he’ll get.


Now the big question is; who is Bray Wyatt working for? Is
he working with the Authority or is he working with his own needs? If he’s
working with his own needs away from the group that he had formed, then he
could be a unstable element within the WWE. Triple H seems to be changing the
story line around in the WWE which should draw more attention than previous
long running story lines has and help the WWE.

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