Review Of The 1/3 Edition Of WWE Smackdown


The Usos Defeats The Shield Via DQ

We have seen the match before, it was good, but not great. The Shield is a great concept and a great faction. The problem is that we have seen the Shield in the same tag team and six man tags so many times that it is not special, but repetitive. This match gets a 3-5* rating.


R-Truth Defeats Fandango

This felt like a like both superstars were just going through the motions. Apparently the new finish is the funkadactyls coming out to distract R-Truth’s opponent. I don’t have a problem with it, but it is odd that a face is doing that. It feels like a heel would do it. Watchable match, its match gets a 3-5* rating.

Tag Team Title Match: Rhode Brothers © Defeats The Wyatt Family

A really good match, it was nice to see on TV, but should not they have saved this for pay-per-view? In another note, it was a good win for the tag team champions. The Wyatt Clan looks to be the top contenders for the tag team gold still after this lose. Expect to see this match down the road. Good match, its gets a 3-5* rating.

Nikki Bella Defeats Aksana

I have never been a fan of Aksana. Her look and whatever personality she has I have never connected with. As far as Nikki goes, she has a decent in ring working style, but nothing special. Aksanna got most of the offense and was pretty much a snore fest. Watchable match that gets a 1-5* rating.

Big E. Langston Defeats Curtis Axel

The match wan enhancement match for Langston. He did not need it at all and I still don’t understand WWE jobbing out Curtis Axel. Langston is really over with the “WWE Universe” I am curious to see who Langston next challenger will be.

CM Punk and The Usos Defeats The Shield

Of course it was a heck of a match. A solid main event for an B caliber show. When will we get the pay-off between Cm Punk and the Shield is my question. They have taken each other on in singles, tag team, six man tags and handicap matches. What else is there to do? Good match that gets a 1-5* rating.

Final Verdict: this was a well-balanced show that flew by for me. Smackdown went back to normal as far as the more favored tag team matches on the show. I will give this a 6.5-10* rating. I really look forward to Raw for the follow up angle with the Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan.

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