Reworking or just Misguidance


So from watching WWE recently it appears obvious to me and all of you i’m sure that the powers that be are reworking some old ideas and in my opinion with some very mixed results.

We’ve had The Authority which was like The Corporation and an idea i think they need to do more with in order to re-invent Triple H as a Vince type charachter.

Dean Ambrose is apparently the new Rowdy Roddy Piper maybe but he’s someone that just puzzles me i’m not fussed about him one way or the other and see nothing in his matches to sway me one way or the other.

Kalisto has a lot of Rey Mysterio about him and hopefully he’ll win back the US Title at the Royal Rumble and be given a proper reign as champ and push on from there.

And of course Roman Reigns being billed as the new Stone Cold ……… Erm NO ….. Roman is big powerful etc and will probably win the rumble but don’t use him in this way Stone Cold is a badass who would go out there open a can of whoop ass against anyone and not give a shit. Roman is just not that guy personally i think he needs a slight repackage to get the best out of him and a proper entrance and for the love of dickens some better promos in the ring.

I would love to see Paul Heyman have more blokes in his care kind of like a Heenan Family of old i think that could work really well and help some guys along to the next level.

With rumours of the Bullet Club joining could we see a D generation X type story or N.W.O perhaps ??

Maybe Tyler Breeze could tweak his charachter and become a bit more Nature Boy WHOOOO!!!

And as for the rumble yes it will probably be Roman Reigns who wins and all hail the roman empire etc etc but to throw a major curve ball something you would never expect i would love to see Bray Wyatt win the rumble and take everything in a different direction it could open up so many storylines as a rumble normally does.

Anyway there are a few of my thoughts

Thanks for reading

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