The Death Of TNA Isn’t Going To Happen, And That’s Good.


TNA has always had its critics. Since 2002, every year, someone somewhere says “TNA is going to die next year”. I ain’t exaggerating, fans forecast the death of TNA Wrestling a year in advance every single year, but it’s never happened. No idea why they do.

I have a distaste for so called “wrestling fans”. These fans claim to love wrestling, but they would never watch Ring of Honor, or give NJPW a chance. They are not real wrestling fans, they are the brainwashed “sports-entertainment” fans. I ain’t going to paint everyone with the same brush, there are wrestling fans who have tried to enjoy TNA, they have given TNA many chances, but it didn’t appeal to them. That’s fine, at least they have a reason not to watch.


Often the so-called wrestling fans I speak of are WWE fans who hate anything different. The amazing production WWE provides becomes normal to them. They watch TNA, and it’s nowhere near the same level of production or star power, so It automatically looks trashy to them. They can’t connect with wrestlers because they don’t know who they are, and then they see the “WWE cast-offs/rejects”. They blast TNA for using wrestlers who happened to work for the WWE at one point, just because they want to see them back in WWE. 

They get down on their knees and beg wrestlers like Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy over social media to “COME BACK TO WWE!!!”, without taking one moments thought to why these guys left WWE for TNA. They seek big return moments, even if it comes at the expense of the wrestlers they beg to. Instead of being a fan of the wrestler, they are WWE fans who believe every big name should be there all the time. They won’t watch TNA to see Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy, even if they claim to be their fans, it’s blatant hypocrisy.

Moving on to the current TNA product, I can say I am enjoying it. It’s nowhere near the level of the golden age obviously, but it’s much more watchable compared to the Hogan/Bischoff era. It has an old school feel, where they focus more on the wrestling matches, and promos are reserved for the wrestlers only. There are no authority figures around, which makes a nice change. I have mixed feelings on the overall look of the show. On one hand I like the graphics, they are better than they were on Spike, but on the other hand I hate the blacked out crowds. I have come to understand the blacking out of crowds has been common practice for many years, even for the World Wrestling Federation back in the day. If Vince McMahon can use blacked out crowds at Wrestlemania, it’s good enough for TNA. I would prefer to see the audience of course, as it adds to the show, but I can understand why they have gone down this route.

Moving on to the TV tapings, I hate how TNA tapes so many episodes together, as title changes can be spoiled weeks in advance. On the other hand, taping episodes back-to-back is better for the wrestlers, they can spend one week taping many episodes of Impact instead of just doing one per week. TNA is then forced to use more of the talent, which gives more chances to the younger generation. It also gives the older wrestlers time to rest between tapings. Recently I heard a Matt Hardy interview where he expressed how much he needs to rest between shows and how the TNA schedule allows that. The schedule is cheaper and easier on the wrestlers, so they can perform better and be happier in general.

The fans who can’t help themselves will read the spoilers for the tapings, and I find that pointless. If you are a fan of TNA wrestling, surely you would avoid reading spoilers wherever possible? It would give you a reason to tune in and watch, and spoilers will never tell you everything. The little details will always be left out, so I can’t understand why someone would read the spoilers, decide not to watch it, and tell everyone on social media they ain’t watching it because they read the spoilers.

I read some comments from Havok the other day. For those who don’t know who she is, Jessicka Havok is a former TNA Knockouts Champion, and her boyfriend is Solomon Crowe (works in NXT). I just wanted to put this here:

Havok posted a new blog entry discussing reports of TNA pay issues and more.

  • I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, that TNA is getting a lot of heat for numerous things. There is nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying the show. 
  • Fans
    are suppose to do just that. Don’t stress yourself out over something
    that doesn’t concern you to begin with. 
  • The other thing that drives me nuts is that there are WWE fans, and TNA
    fans, and WWE fans HATE TNA, and vice versa. I don’t know why burying
    something or someone is needed.
  • In my honest opinion, i feel fans should
    just support wrestling in general. And if you don’t like something,
    just don’t watch it, and don’t bury someone else for liking it. 
  • I
    have friends who wrestle for WWE. My boyfriend is in NXT!!! I also have
    friends at TNA, i have LOTS of friends on the indies! We are all the
    I watch all wrestling. I watch TNA. I watch WWE. I watch
    NXT. I watch Indy stuff. Shimmer, shine, FIP, 2cw, CZW, New Japan, ROH,
  • Sure, there are things on each show i may not like, but there are
    also things i do like, and to me, it is entertaining. 
  • I love
    wrestling and i support wrestling, and if you are a true fan, you should
    just support Wrestling. Not a certain *brand*, because i promise you,
    you will find something you like anywhere, the whole show may not be
    your cup of tea, but I’m sure there is something. 
  • Just open your eyes to
    the varieties out there!
    I am sure there are some of you who will have a smart ass comment or two after reading this, but never fear! i don’t care 🙂 You will be *blocked* . OR we can just agree to disagree. Thanks guys!!””

I posted the blog entry on the EWN Facebook page, and I waited for the TNA haters. I waited, and I waited, and I waited a bit more, and you know what happened? They didn’t come. Almost all the comments were wrestling fans agreeing with everything she said. Havok isn’t one to speak out regularly, and this was clearly an answer to a question someone had asked her. She does not make comments to get attention, this is the first time I have read anything she has said about the business.

A lot of fans are sick and tired of those who bury wrestling … so what if you don’t like TNA, do we need to hear about it? Some fans come across like they have few things to care about in their lives, so they abuse a wrestling company they don’t really understand. Sometimes it’s just to wind people up, other times it’s because it’s not WWE. 

Wrestling fans should come together and celebrate the fact that we have alternatives in a world dominated by WWE. We should be happy for the wrestlers, as they have more places to work. Not just the wrestlers, but those people who work in the business, with fewer alternatives they have fewer places to work, and wishing death on a company is wishing everyday people should lose their jobs. Would you like it if customers at your workplace wished death on your company? Would you like it if those customers forced you out of your dream job? 

When the shoe is on the other foot, the blatant hypocrisy becomes clear. No one forces you to drink Coca-Cola, there are alternatives. No one’s going to think any less of you if you drink Pepsi, or that cheap brand Coke from the supermarket. Everyone has the right to drink or watch whatever they want.

Some of the recent news on the dirtsheets suggest that TNA are in trouble, mostly regarding TNA having issues with paying their wrestlers. First of all, who gets paid when and how is nobody’s business. I read the reason behind the late payments was down to a relocation in (TNA’s parent company) one of Panda Energy’s departments, so it makes logical sense that is the only reason for the late payments. This has happened before, contracts running out, or wrestlers being paid late, it’s nothing new. It can happen in ANY business, so just because some wrestlers were paid late, doesn’t mean they have money issues. TNA does not make its financial records public, so nobody anywhere can tell you how well off they are, for all we know TNA could be turning a decent profit. For all we know TNA could be so far in debt it will fold in a few months, nobody knows! So don’t take any news about their financial situation seriously, anyone who claims to know anything are making things up.

As for TNA on Destination America, the product is getting more competitive. I am enjoying Kurt Angle as the World Heavyweight Champion, and I am enjoying the BDC since Homicide joined. I like the emphasis on fresh faces like Bram and EC3, who could easily be World Champions. The Hardys have tag team gold which is great for merchandise. The Knockouts are getting a show dedicated to them next week, when was the last time any wrestling company dedicated their weekly show to the girls?  Seriously, tell me.

The one thing I don’t like is the X-Division disappearing again. Since Rockstar Spud got the belt, we have seen him beaten down on many occasions, and we have yet to see him defend the title in a competitive X-Division style match. I can understand why, TNA only gets two hours a week to showcase their talent, it’s tough to keep all the divisions relevant with two hours a week.

Many wrestlers have left TNA lately. Most of them spent many years in TNA, and accomplished everything they could, it was time for them to move on and allow a new generation to shine. How can TNA create new stars if the old stars don’t leave? It’s OK to keep a few legends around, but they should be putting the new guys over. Younger guys will work for less money too, so TNA is making good business decisions to let go of some of their bigger contracts. It’s called streamlining and it’s perfectly acceptable business practice. They want to maximize profits and allow those profits to expand the business.

So don’t spend your days caring too much about the little things, enjoy wrestling, and make the much-needed realization that you can’t believe everything the internet says. TNA continues to strive and expand, and it’s a good thing. Stop wishing death on wrestling companies, how can WWE get better if their alternatives die off? How can wrestlers learn their trade before signing a WWE contract? Where can the veterans work when WWE has no use for them anymore? Having companies like TNA helps the business, and as much as people want to deny, a WWE monopoly is not the way forward. We don’t all like sports-entertainment as much as you. 

Wrestling should not be a dirty word. We should be proud to be wrestling fans, and use the hate against those who say wrestling is “fake” and “childish”. Using it against each other gets us nowhere, and is one giant waste of everybody’s time. I ain’t forcing you to like TNA, just realize that wrestling fans do like TNA, and they should be allowed to do so without your illogical hatred.

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