The Honky Tonk Man Says He Was Going To Bury The Hatchet With Roddy Piper & More – Video


The Hannibal TV YouTube Channel has posted a new video with Honky Tonk Man in which the WWE legend says he was going to bury the hatchet with Roddy Piper before Piper passed away. The two got into a spat earlier this year on Twitter after Piper called HTM “jealous” on Adam Corolla’s show and said he couldn’t sing or play the guitar.

You can see the video below, in which Honky Tonk says he wanted to go on Piper’s podcast and then meet him at a convention in California a few days after Piper died so they could bury the hatchet. “We were going to kind of bury the hatchet, so to speak, and find out really what our problem had been, that I wasn’t aware we had one,” he said. “But I was looking forward to seeing him and talking about it,” Honky Tonk Man said:


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