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Ted DiBiase Sr. Evaluates Rick Rude & The Honky Tonk Man’s Promo Skills



On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. discussed Rick Rude and The Honky Tonk Man’s promo skills and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he had a favorite between Rick Rude and Honky Tonk Man’s promo skills: “Not really. I mean, both of those guys — I thought Rick was very good. And Honky Tonk Man, based on again, the gimmick, ‘The Honky Tonk Man.’ He took that and it was like — I remember thinking, ‘Gosh.’ You know, if I’d been wrestling, and if I had gone to Vince [McMahon] and he said, ‘No, I’m gonna make you the Honky Tonk Man,’ I wouldn’t have been very happy about it. But I think he did a tremendous job. Yeah I mean, they. They played their parts very well.”

On who has the best working punch: “Me. [laughs] And actually, I’ve had a lot of — a lot of guys have, just other the guys in the business have said that to me. ‘You’ve got a real good working punch.’ And I would say I copied guys like Dick Murdoch, Terry Funk. You know, those guys. But that was one of those things that I would practice. I would stand in front of a wall and I would, you know, put my fist on the wall. And so I’m this far away, arm’s length away from the wall. And then I would practice, by throwing the punch and just barely hitting the wall.”

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