Theory Of The Week: We Still Have A “Mr. MITB”


Reading the title, you would think I have not been keeping up with all the happenings in the WWE. I know, Randy Orton cashed his briefcase in on Daniel Bryan at the SummerSlam pay-per-view earlier this year to capture the WWE Championship.

And I am aware that Damien Sandow failed to cash-in against World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena; quite upsetting.

But the claim that we still have a Mr. Money in the Bank is not my claim, this theory is not one which I have started; and any theory I post in the future will never be my own.

Instead I ‘take one for the team’ and pay a visit once a week to the ever-so dangerous areas of Manchester UK, paying a visit to an avid wrestling fan, a mysterious character who will probably not be named.

In a run-down area with boarded up houses, he simply sits at home and watches the current WWE product and manages to come up with a theory once a week, and in my first week here at eWrestlingNews I decided to let his theory be known to the wonderful readers, and ask for your thoughts on what he, (he needs a name) has to say.

As you can see, his theory revolves around that coveted briefcase a handful of superstars so desperately want to get their hands on, sitting opposite him and trying my level best to avoid looking him dead in the eye, he kindly told me his theory, before kicking me out.

“The WWE still has a Mr. Money in the Bank, Randy Orton cashed in his briefcase, but Damien Sandow still has his Money in the Bank contract.

“He interrupted John Cena and handed over his briefcase to the referee before going on to lose to John Cena and fail in his bid to become World Heavyweight Champion.

“Damien Sandow, merely cashed in an empty briefcase.”

So, is that possible? Did Damien Sandow really just hand over his empty briefcase? It is possible, the WWE is full of surprises and you can’t run it past them to go through with such an idea.

Sandow might not have been ready for that Championship yet, but if he really did hand over an empty briefcase, it does bide him some time to build himself up into a top contender.

Plus, he has not exactly been vocal ever since his defeat, sure he has appeared in matches with Dolph Ziggler and continued to compete, but with his quiet Twitter account alongside cryptic tweets such as “sometimes silence makes the most noise…”, you can’t help but think whether this could be true.

On the other side, perhaps our mysterious friend is looking to deep into the matter, Sandow is not somebody who is active on his Twitter account compared to many superstars, (although that does not prove whether anyone can be a champion in the future), and the WWE do drop the ball with a lot of talent and perhaps Damien Sandow is one of them; perhaps the WWE have simply told Sandow to cash in, and he failed.

What do you guys think? Could he be right? Did Sandow cash-in an empty briefcase? Or is he simply divulging too deep into the situation, has Sandow officially cashed in, and lost?

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