Top 10 Funniest Brock Lesnar Moments


Hi folks. Lately, we have seen a lighter side to Brock Lesnar since returning from a storyline suspension. To new or younger viewers, Lesnar’s promos may come as a surprise because we’re more used to him standing around while Heyman does all the talking. However, there has always been an underlying charisma, which is perhaps overshadowed by the domineering conqueror who ended The Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

Outside of his voice breaks, I feel it’s important to let people know he’s a natural on the mic. More so if he’s enjoying himself. No, he won’t blow us away like The Rock, but he’s far from worthless. He never seriously needed Paul Heyman to talk for him, much like The Undertaker never needed Paul Bearer. They complimented each other, but it’s certainly refreshing to see Lesnar coming out of his shell again. This list will either take you down a jolly road of nostalgia, or introduce you to a lighter side of Brock Lesnar*. I listed each entry in chronological order.

*I did not include recent moments like the Royal Rumble, or interactions with Sami Zayn & Bobby Lashley.

Brock Lesnar

#1-2. Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle

By the end of 2002, the SmackDown brand had been tailormade for a babyface Brock Lesnar to lead the way. However, WWE did not count on the fans getting behind Kurt Angle at the same time. As he’d recently ditched Paul Heyman, they didn’t want Lesnar turning heel again, so they got Big Show involved in the WWE Championship picture.

From friendly competition, a fun rivalry between Lesnar & Angle was born. For the first time, we got to see how Lesnar could be outside the ring. Kurt Angle did a great job of bringing out a more human side to the “Next Big Thing”. I included two moments here because they are in the same video. The first involves milk, while the second is about push-ups.

#3. Lesnar Loves Angle

Continuing with the previous entry, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle are still feuding. Only this time, Lesnar surprises Angle with a kiss! Many years later on Twitter, Kurt commented on this moment. He said that you have no choice when Lesnar wants to kiss you, which implies he did not know it was coming. I’m sure everyone else didn’t either!

#4. Brock Lesnar’s Mexican Hat Dance

One of the most legendary Brock Lesnar moments. He hired a band and danced around with a sombrero. The Mexican party was to celebrate on behalf of his upcoming challenger for the WWE Championship, Eddie Guerrero.

What some may forget (including myself), is that this hilarious segment leads in to Eddie Guerrero’s even more legendary “Addiction” promo. Seriously guys, if you have never seen this before, or it has been a long time, be sure to check it out. This was one of the most heartfelt promos Eddie Guerrero ever did, and his addiction leads him all the way to the WWE Championship at No Way Out. Viva La Raza!

#5. Four-Wheeler Fun

You can tell he has done this before! On the way to his disastrous WrestleMania XX encounter with Goldberg, Brock Lesnar was also getting under the skin of Stone Cold Steve Austin. After stealing his four-wheeler, they added Austin to the match as a special guest referee, but would still call it down the middle. I wanted to include this because of how much fun Brock Lesnar is having as he rides at top speed around the ring.

#6. Can You Smell What The Brock Is Cooking?

How do you like your watermelon? What if you throw it in the air and shoot it with a gun? Brock Lesnar shows us how much juicier it is to eat watermelon after it has been shot. He has innovative cooking skills.

#7. Brock Breakfast

How do you like breakfast? Brock Lesnar will serve you up country style. Oh, and if you have any complaints about your food? You’ll have to take it up with him. Let’s get this food out there folks! Make it snappy, or else.

#8. Good Times

When you’re in the middle of an epic PPV match with your buddy, and remember how you ribbed him so well earlier. Seriously though… this is one of the most random moments in WWE history, and it all began with Brock Lesnar laughing for no good reason.

#9. Brock Lesnar Meets R-Truth

There’s a funny story behind this, which R-Truth recently told us about in an interview with TalkSport:

On his great segment with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman early this year…

I remember Heyman called me to the gorilla like 20 minutes before we were supposed to go out. I had no promo; they gave me nothing. I’m like ‘what’s the promo? What am I supposed to say?’ And Paul is like, ‘Well, we have a bet going on. We don’t want Brock to know what you’re about to say. We want you to make Brock laugh.’ I said ‘Huh?!’ He said ‘Truth, you’re a funny a guy and we have a bet that you won’t be able to make Brock laugh. I think you can, but they don’t think you can. So just wing it, we’re just going to wing it out there.

I said ‘Paul, come on,’ and he said ‘The only thing you’ve got to say is you’re going to throw him over the top rope, we’re going to wing it out there, you’re going to make Brock laugh.’ Once Brock came in I’m like… ‘Damn, I think we should tell Brock what we’re going to say, you know [laughs]. It’s Brock Lesnar! Let’s tell Brock. I don’t want him to be surprised!’ But Paul was like, ‘This is going to be great.’ I remember the moment we’re in the ring and I’m going on and on, making stuff up in my head and going on and on, and I saw when Brock looked at me with that look of ‘what the hell is he talking about?’ because I’m just babbling. I knew right then I had him.

I did all I could to hold myself from laughing when I saw Brock burst out laughing because of Paul Heyman’s facial expression. The magic just went on, man, it kept going on. And after that segment was over, we’re in the back and Brock was still laughing. He said, ‘Bro, we got to do something together. There’s something there. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something there.’ And we left it there. I know that’s something we can always go back and pick up. But that is one of the highest moments in my career right there.

On Brock Lesnar saying he wants to work with him…

Not even to mention he’s a cool dude backstage. To have Brock Lesnar say he wants to work with me, it was very appreciative to my soul, to my ego, to my career, to the time I’ve spent in the business, to everything I’ve done… Brock pretty much gave it a hug. Imagine Brock giving your confidence a hug, man [laughs].

#10. Brock Party

Often voted as the funniest Brock Lesnar moment. After winning Money In The Bank, he turned his briefcase in to a boombox. This Beast can dance! Also check out Seth Rollins. He’s doing everything he can not to burst out laughing. But how did this come about? Paul Heyman revealed the reason behind it:

“First of all, it’s not a boombox, it’s a ‘Beastbox’. Secondly, whatever Brock Lesnar listens to is Brock Lesnar’s business. And should Brock Lesnar want to reveal what music he listens to, he will do so in the biggest forum possible. Not with me spilling the beans like it’s some gossip item. That’s Brock Lesnar doing something impromptu and deciding to have a little fun at everyone’s expense on Monday Night Raw.”

Brock Lesnar took it upon himself to do this. There was no pre-planning. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. With that said, I hope it’s not the last time we see Brock Lesnar having fun like this. With his current character, it feels like we’re in for many more moments before he reverts to something serious. Unless he’s done with that? We’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for reading!

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