Top Picks for Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2021 at WrestleMania 37


2) T-Bar (or, better yet, Dominik Dijakovic)

Dominik Dijakovic is far, far too good to have been saddled with this T-Bar gimmick. Now that RETRIBUTION appears to be over, or at least on the outs, I say it’s high time he ditches the Bane mask and goes back to being himself.

Make this the start of it. Have him win it in dominant fashion and reintroduce himself to the Raw audience as Dominik Dijakovic.

That’s all you need, other than to follow it up with actual wins and a push that lasts more than a few weeks. Dijakovic isn’t The Rock on the microphone, but he’s capable enough and is rock solid in the ring, so he has a ton of potential to be a massive star if WWE plays the right cards.

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