WWA Superstars Update


Good afternoon. This weeks update will be a somewhat short one. We’ve been in brief contact with the WWE, however we are at an impasse. The attorney that has been working with us is in communication with the legal team for the WWE, but some lines were crossed and we are now trying to rectify things.

On another note, for those in the Rome, Georgia area a wrestling organization listed as Superstars of Wrestling Live has been scamming the fans there. They list events and name wrestlers that will be performing at the venue, but the event is never listed at the venue, and the organization eventually notifies the purchaser that the event has been rescheduled. Be very careful when purchasing tickets for a wrestling event. If you need to just purchase them at the door to insure that your getting what you paid for.

We will keep everyone updated as usual. Also, we’d like to thank everyone whose been supporting and reading each and every update. Your support keeps us motivated. Hopefully this will all be over very soon

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