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Editorial10 Best Drake Maverick (AKA Rockstar Spud) Moments

10 Best Drake Maverick (AKA Rockstar Spud) Moments



As many will know by now, hundreds of wrestlers & staff were released by WWE in the past few days. One of those was Drake Maverick, who shared his reaction in a heart-rending video where he came so close to tears, it must have taken everything within himself not to. He dedicated over fifteen years of his life just to get a sniff at a WWE contract. And while he lost his Rockstar Spud persona, he gained a whole new range of fans as Drake Maverick.

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This piece is a collection of ten videos highlighting his career from the early days of Rockstar Spud, to his recent antics as the R-Truth chasing Drake Maverick. I could have included many more, but I had to limit myself so it didn’t grow too big. If you feel like any other moment* should be included, please share them in the comments section. Thanks.

*I was going to include a match between him and Hornswoggle from an episode of Impact, but it’s incredibly silly to the point most probably would’ve glossed over it. Let’s just say it ends with a pretty sweet table spot, which is the only cool thing about it.

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#1. When Spud Became A Rockstar

Many years before making it to television, Spud made himself known as an underdog wrestler. This changed when he transformed in to a Bon Jovi-like rockstar with a whole new image, groupies, and attitude to go along with it.

Other UK talents share their thoughts on this new direction for the man formerly known as Rockstar Spud. Without this change, it may have taken many more years (or not at all) for a promotion like Impact Wrestling to take notice of his talent.

#2. Top 20 Moves

Ok, so I know this isn’t a “moment”. I said we’d have moments, but this video does include several while also showing the range of his moveset. No, Drake is not on the same level as a Pac, or an AJ Styles, but he’s still a very capable wrestler.

Many fans wouldn’t know this because he only wrestled short matches in WWE, usually against larger opponents who would squash him before he got any chance to show his skills. Watch out for a few cameos here, including one where Spud went one-on-one with Nikki Cross. That pin is rather risqué.

#3. British Boot Camp Debuts On Impact TV

I could have done a full article on his time in British Boot Camp, because Spud was a complete train wreck. Despite constant arguing with Marty Scurll (long before he became ‘The Villain’) due to their major heat, and partying so hard he’d show up to meetings majorly hungover, he somehow won the entire thing and earned an Impact Wrestling contract.

This video shows what happened in his debut in front of his fellow countrymen. Of course, he was rudely interrupted by the guy who is now known as Robert Stone; the manager of Chelsea Green on NXT.

#4. EC3 Bullies Rockstar Spud After Months Of Unbridled Loyalty

Spud transitioned in to being more of a lackey for Ethan Carter III. In this role, he rarely wrestled and would do much of EC3’s dirty work while looking fine in his colourful suits. That was til EC3 had enough of things not going his way. Instead of blaming himself for his auntie Dixie Carter being put in harm’s way, he placed the entire blame on Spud’s shoulders.

This was the start of a long, drawn out process to turn him face. While he almost stood up to him here, it wasn’t enough to stop the relentless abuse from his employer. Watch out for an appearance from another guy who was released this week along with EC3 and Spud.

#5. Spud’s Breakout (& Bloody) Match Against EC3

I often label this as the best match of his whole career. It’s difficult to ever see it being usurped. As the abused employee fighting his employer, the match had the stipulation of Hair vs. Hair. But while Spud looked to get revenge, he was still very much under contract to EC3. It’s unsure whether they planned it, but Spud was busted open hard and the show permanently switched to black & white for some broadcasts.

The end of this is what makes it especially great, because the respect and following sympathy helped to show the world that despite his small stature, he could be taken seriously as a competitor. And while it looked like Spud would move on after this, he remained as a sympathetic lackey at EC3’s mercy to ridicule how he wanted.

#6. Tells EC3 To Stick It! Challenges Kurt Angle

Spud did finally gain a little respect from EC3 after winning the X-Division title briefcase, and cashing it in on Low-Ki to claim the X-Division Championship. Now he could be taken as a serious wrestler in a division filled with other talented stars; who struggled to take the title from him for over a month. After losing to Kenny King at Hardcore Justice, he claimed it back in a gauntlet match to become a two-time champion. One day later, he made a brave and borderline crazy decision that he’d be cashing in the X-Division title via ‘Option C” (each year at Destination X you can vacate the title) for a shot at Kurt Angle’s World Heavyweight Championship.

His employer EC3 took great exception to this and demanded he get the title shot instead, but well.. watch the video to see how Spud told him where to stick it. And as predicted, Spud did not go on to defeat Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. He lost by submission, but he did win the respect of the Olympic Gold Medalist and everyone at home by hanging with the champ longer than anyone thought. Spud finally let go of his employer and became his own man. Despite this, he regressed and became a feel in a feud with Hornswoggle before being reduced further to an announcing role. He decided to leave Impact in 2017 because they wanted to reduce his salary.

#7. Drake Maverick Chasing R-Truth Highlights

After debuting on WWE TV as the new General Manager of 205 Live, he spent much of his early days being a firm, yet fair authority figure of the cruiserweight division. This wasn’t enough for him though, as he soon took on a managerial role of the Authors Of Pain. It was short-lived however, as he soon became embroiled in what many will know him for. This is just one of the many funny videos showing his time chasing after R-Truth and “the love of his life”, the WWE 24/7 Championship; much to the dismay of his wife.

#8. Drake & Wife Celebrate In A Hotel Room

Probably my favourite segment of his in WWE is Drake & his wife checking in to a hotel room. On the bed raring to go, he’s impatiently wanting to consummate the marriage while wearing the 24/7 Championship well.. like a champ? Room service makes it way in with champagne, and funny antics ensue. There’s so many more examples of this, and many will say it’s R-Truth and Drake Maverick who made the 24/7 title segments entertainment worthy.

#9. Elias Squashes Maverick’s Dreams

While it’s probably not as amusing without R-Truth, Drake still manages to make something of his chase after the 24/7 Championship. This time, in what could be seen as him channeling his former ‘Rockstar Spud’, he manages to sneak in to Elias’ studio undetected. Could he get back the love of his life? Watch to find out.

There’s also a cameo from Montez Ford. Maverick calls him a “really nice guy” after he motivates him to keep going after the title with everything he has. It’s fitting, because Ford’s exact same motivational speech could apply to many others current status. He just has to keep his head up and keep trying.

#10. Touring New York City For The R-Truth

What a job huh? Only a few months ago, Drake was getting paid to tour New York City and be recorded handing out ‘Wanted’ posters of R-Truth. It’s funny just to see the bewildered reactions of some of the New York natives. Of course, we have to think about the city and pay a tribute to them in this dire time. While many around the world have lost their jobs, there are others out there fighting bigger battles.

I’m looking forward to seeing Drake Maverick giving us his all in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament. Also, I am positive this won’t be the last time we see him, the cream of the crop always rises. While he’s one of the smallest figures in the world of wrestling, he’s got one of the biggest hearts to go with it. He’s not done yet! Do you have any other moments you would like to share? If so, please post them in the comments. Also, if you’d like me to do anymore of these for other released WWE Superstars? Let me know and I shall consider it. Thanks for reading!

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