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Editorial​Backstage Update - WWE's Business #'s - Attendance, Shop Orders, Ticket Sales...

​Backstage Update – WWE’s Business #’s – Attendance, Shop Orders, Ticket Sales & More Inside Here



Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here are some updates on how WWE’s business is doing; while there is some good news, there is also some bad…

* WWE live attendance has had an average of 6,600 paid tickets for US house shows. This is up from the 6,455 average in 2014 and 6,474 average in 2013.

* Ticket sales for the last tour of Abu Dhabi were not good. Last year WWE sold 15,000 seats per show, and that was with the highest ticket prices WWE had ever charged for a live event. This year they only sold 5,100 a show.

* On average is selling 1,357 orders per day, which is up over 60% from what they were doing during this time last year.

* DVD sales are down over 70% in January and February combined. The feeling is that the combination of the WWE Network and strong Q4 releases has led to the drop. The fourth quarter of 2013 saw the release of a Triple H and Goldberg DVDs, the 50th anniversary and RAW 20th anniversary specials and the usual PPV DVDs. Fourth quarter of 2014 saw the Sting collection, the Slam City network shorts, “True Giants” and the usual PPV DVDs.

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