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EditorialMarch to WrestleMania 36: Exploring the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Scene

March to WrestleMania 36: Exploring the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Scene



Welcome another edition of the March to WrestleMania 36, breaking down the environment around all the championships heading into the biggest show of the year to set the tone for 1) recapping how we got to this point, 2) discussing possible plans for WrestleMania and 3) guessing where this all going to end up once WrestleMania has concluded.

This post will be covering everything I can think of revolving around the tri-branded Women’s Tag Team Championship situation.

Note: Obviously, the coronavirus has left WrestleMania up in the air. This series assumes that it will still happen (as WWE continues to advertise it) and exists to bring casual viewers up to speed with information they’ve missed out on by not watching recent events.

Let’s start with what we already know…


Who are the current champions?

The Kabuki Warriors won the titles from Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross at Hell in a Cell on October 6th. They have since gone on to become the longest-reigning tag team champions at over 161 days, having surpassed The IIconics (120 days).

That’s not saying too much, considering there have only been four champions since the belts’ creation early in 2019, but it’s still a pat on the back for Asuka and Kairi Sane. They’ve also managed to beat Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair among the challengers who have come their way.

Over the past couple months, these titles haven’t been their prime concern, though. Sane was dealing with an injury she suffered at TLC, then Asuka was feuding with Lynch over the Raw Women’s Championship.

Most recently, Sane was a sacrificial lamb for Shayna Baszler and Asuka fell victim to The Queen of Spades in the Elimination Chamber, too. But they remain champions and have a good enough track record that their credibility hasn’t fallen much, if at all.

Who will challenge for the titles at WrestleMania?

It seems WWE wants to have Bliss and Cross in a rematch. Why? My guess is they just think it’s good enough and have forgotten that that match already took place at Hell in a Cell just a few months back. Or, they think people legitimately want to see that more than anything.

However, I’d argue the rumor of The Divas of Doom (Natalya and Beth Phoenix) is significantly more interesting and a better match to go with.

Only some hints in that direction had been put out there, mostly with Natalya. Beth has been busy as part of Edge’s feud with Randy Orton, which might hinder that match’s chances of happening. WWE could think that bringing Beth in a feud with The Kabuki Warriors would take away from the Edge situation.

Here’s the interesting thing, though: if WrestleMania gets delayed, that will actually help Beth’s chances of being in this match.

The more distance there is between Orton’s RKO and WrestleMania, the easier it is to pivot into this feud and not make it seem like you’re just ignoring Phoenix’s involvement in that Edge/Orton program. Postponing WrestleMania is not ideal in many circumstances, but it could work out for the better here.

Then, in the meantime, the Bliss and Cross feud could be continuing throughout these episodes of SmackDown at the Performance Center. By the time Mania comes around, Bliss and Cross can just be in the Women’s Battle Royal—which sucks for them, but I think would be the better result overall for fans.

There’s also a chance The IIconics come back into the fray at the last minute, as rumors swirled a repackaging for them, but we’ve been given no indication of that whatsoever, so that’s even less likely than Divas of Doom and/or Bliss and Cross against The Kabuki Warriors.

What happens at and after WrestleMania?

If it’s just Bliss and Cross, then Asuka and Sane retain. There’s no need to go back to where things were before The Kabuki Warriors were champions.

However, if Beth Phoenix and Natalya are able to vie for the titles, that would be grounds for a title change.

Both Natalya and Phoenix are former multi-time champions. One is a Hall of Famer and the other is a guarantee future inductee. They’re well-respected and have more than enough clout to take down Asuka and Sane.

Beth and Nattie haven’t had a chance to win those titles together yet and they definitely should be considered for a reign at some point, as they are close like sisters and have expressed interest in having a run in the past. It may not be a long one, as Beth isn’t a normal member of the roster, but they could get away with two or three months with relative ease, I’d assume. It’s all about spreading it out.

When WrestleMania happens will play a huge factor into all this. For now, if we assume the show is going on and will take place April 5th either at Raymond James Stadium or elsewhere, I don’t know if I’d bank on Nattie and Beth being involved in the match as much as I’d say the safer bet is Nikki and Alexa, but I know which team I’d be hoping would leave with the belts.

Keep the discussion going by leaving your comments below and telling us what you think about this title situation for WrestleMania 36!

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