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EditorialTakeaways for NXT UK 3/19/2020

Takeaways for NXT UK 3/19/2020



How will the WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter retaliate after Finn Balor entered the kingdom last week; and walked away with a major victory over Alexander Wolfe on NXT UK?

Tonight’s main event in front of a live crowd will be Dave Mastiff joining forces with Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster to battle the dominant Gallus!

Takeaways for NXT UK 

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dani Luna 

Wow, I was quite shocked by this match typically under the NXT umbrella they try to make a young up-and-comer look somewhat better than Luna did. She mounted nearly no offense which provides Ray more momentum as the egocentric heel champ.

The NXT UK Women’s Champion was not satisfied with just the dominant victory, as her devious plan was thwarted by Piper Niven who made the save. Ray actually looked a bit scared as she scurried away clinching her title.

Joseph Conners vs. Ridge Holland

At the beginning of the contest, Holland used his strength and speed to dominate Conners. After a swift kick to the big man’s knee, the wily veteran picked his opponent apart limb by limb. Conners was like a shark smelling blood in the water as he controlled the pace.


Two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes turned the tide to Holland who is a breast. Conners was pounced almost out of the ring and it was glorious. The wily veteran tried to hold on for dear life but Northern Lights silenced Conners.

Kassius Ohno vs. Kenny Williams

This was a tremendous showing from Williams who appears to be a new face for the UK brand. He took the bigger and self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling Genius’ Ohno to the absolute limit as he utilized his quick speed and agility. Williams got two long near-falls on Ohno which only pissed off ‘The Knockout Artist.’

Ohno spent the majority of the match wrenching at his opponent’s hands and using joint manipulation, but in order to land the victory, he took off his pad and drilled Williams with a vicious discus elbow and locked in the Kassius Clutch.  Williams gains more even in defeat and I want to see more from him in the future.

Main Event: Gallus vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Dave Mastiff & Trent Seven (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

Mark Andrew was originally penciled in for this massive six-man tag match but he was attacked backstage so Seven will replace him. Webster started the match off utilizing his high-octane offense and quick speed. Gallus however quickly took dominant control isolating the high-flyer from his corner.

‘The Bomber’ Mastiff came in like a wrecking ball destroying everything in his path. The big man went toe-to-toe with Joe Coffey who bested him. A blind tag by Webster interjected some fun energy and a few long near-falls, but afterward Gallus took over hitting a double-team maneuver followed by All the Best for the Bells for the win.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but watching a wrestling program in front of a live crowd was unbelievable given our current circumstances. It was a breath of fresh air and I am in high spirits. It was a great show that utilized young up-and-coming talent that blew me away. Go watch Holland vs. Conners it was fantastic!

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