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EditorialTop 10 Things That Need To Happen Before The End Of 2015!

Top 10 Things That Need To Happen Before The End Of 2015!



No.1- The divas division restored relevance– This is a must see change that needs to occur as soon as possible. The WWE is a patriarchal company and focuses on male talents a whole lot more than the female talents but, this needs to change. The WWE has the best divas roster in a long time with talented in ring performers with decent microphone skills and if given the match time and promo time could easily become as compelling and as interesting to watch just like the main focus point, the men.

No.2- The Authority dispatch- The story lines produced over the last 2 years with The Authority involved have been entertaining and fun to watch with all the twists and turns that have happened during the rivalries. The problem that will occur sooner or later is the stable will become stale and boring and in my opinion it would be a lot better for the company to let the powerful group go out on a high note than all members on their backs with no momentum or road to go down afterwards. 

No.3- The Wyatt Family reconciliation- All 3 members of the Wyatt Family are all tremendous talents and are brilliant athletes but all in some shape or form have been lost in the shuffle with no real meaning to there story lines they are put in and since going solo a lack of interest in their characters has been portrayed. This could easily change with the stable reuniting to dominate the major league and to put on awesome stories and matches a like. If something isn’t done as soon as possible all will lose credibility and become has beens and bores to watch. 

No.4- A Paul Heyman girl- This would be original and would create a young talent into a star as well as adding a lot more interest into the divas division purely on the basis of the highly respected name Paul Heyman being thrown into the mix. This could really be beneficial for all involved in the feuds created and the rivalries fought. 

No.5- Seth Rollins main event presence- Since the start of this year Seth Rollins has been in the best matches and involved with the best rivalries which have dominated the TV screens on a consistent basis. The newly crowned champion has proven why he is top notch material but now its time for him to make his presence a main stay. 

No.6- Vince McMahon’s last run- Mr. McMahon hasn’t been a consistent on air persona for many years now and the reality is that it would really be ridiculous and stupid not to bring him back for one last run. This could be a chance to produce a few more awesome feuds and story lines and could really propel a young, up and coming superstar to the top end of the card. 

No.7- Dean Ambrose heel turn- Dean ambrose is a tremendously gifted in ring performer and is incredible on the microphone. During his face run he has put on awesome matches and had crazy feuds but Ambrose as a heel would suite the lunatic fringe a load better, right? This could really be crucial development for his character and could renter him back into the main event fray which would bring him right back up to the top of the food chain. 

No.8- The end of Stardust- Cody Rhodes is a brilliant talent however with his Stardust gimmick he will never be able to be elevated into the main event scene and will always be stuck down in the low mid-card regions. This could all easily change with the return of his former persona, himself. He had multiple success as a tag team title holder and a singles star and now its time to up that level and really show his amazing talent and enter the main event picture. 

No.9- I.C and U.S title prestige fully restored- This transformation and the restored prestige of both titles has already started with main event talent holding onto both titles firmly. This needs to be a continuous trend with only the best young talent and the most respected veterans winning the titles and all having meaningful, entertaining lengthily reigns. 

No.10- Naomi wins first divas championship- Naomi is the best diva to not win the divas championship on the main roster and what better time for her to win it than in 2015? Naomi has just turn’t heel and is starting off a new never before seen run which will present a completely different side of her character that could elevate her to the top level which would allow her to win the WWE Divas championship!

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