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EditorialWho Were Your Favorite Wrestling Champions This Year? 2023 Edition

Who Were Your Favorite Wrestling Champions This Year? 2023 Edition



Not every championship run is created equally. Some title reigns are epic, last a long time, involve many twists and turns and great matches, and become historic. Others are total duds, over before they even began, and entirely forgettable.

Throughout 2023, there have been a wide variety of highs and lows for the champions in World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling alone, particularly if you count NXT and Ring of Honor’s titles in the mix.

Belts have been created, vacated, merged and retired. Champions like Roman Reigns and Gunther have continued their dominance, while others like Indi Hartwell had to give up their title immediately.

Since 2023 is just about over, it’s time to look back and reflect on those title reigns and assess the damage, praise the positives and figure out who stands tall as the best champions in pro wrestling this year.

As such, I’ve gone ahead and created a massive Google Form to allow everyone the chance to chime in and compare these men and women who held titles this year across the 4 biggest brands in American wrestling.

If you want to vote on this, click here or check out the embedded form below. The results are available for anyone to see, and I’ll keep this poll going for quite some time to allow as many votes as possible to come in. Most likely, I’ll shut the poll off around AEW Worlds End, and the end results will be locked in for future years to look back on.

So go ahead and vote! Tell us your favorites and least favorites. Keep the discussion going in the comments, too, and let us know if you’d like to see more things like this in the future at eWrestlingNews!

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