A New Jim Ross Q&A – He Says He Didn’t Like The Vince McMahon ‘Death’ Angle, TNA, RAW/SD


The following are highlights of a recent online Q&A update by WWE Hall Of
Famer Jim Ross:

On how he would run TNA: “No reason to comment on
TNA as I’ve made myself clear that I have no desire to return pro wrestling full
time much less take over rebuilding a company.”

On the Vince McMahon is dead/limo storyline:
“Wasn’t a fan of the storyline with or without the tragic Benoit component. The
storyline was totally unbelieveale.”

On how to make RAW and SmackDown feel more
“There are many obvious albeit subtle things WWE could
do to economically change the look of Smackdown vs. RAW. The shows sounding
different is a major, positive change. Using different colors on ring posts, mat
cover, etc all would help. EZ fixes all.”

On Bret Hart potentially appearing on his
“Bret has been invited but it’s up to him and his
schedule. He’s welcome any time we can schedule it.”

On if Zuffa (the company that owns UFC) should get into pro
“Hell, no. They’re too smart for that.”

Check out more of JR’s online Q&A at his official website, JRSBARBQ.com.
You can also order JR’s Bar-B-Q products online at WWEShop.com.

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