A Physical WWE Hall Of Fame?, WWE/MSG DVD Update


— While there are very few details as of this writing, a WWE Best of Madison Square Garden collection has been announced for Blu-Ray and DVD. It will be released on August 27.

— There has been speculation within WWE that if a physical Hall of Fame were to be built, it would be something that exists as an attraction at a theme park instead of its own building. There has been talk of building it at Universal Studios in Florida. As of now, nothing is confirmed and there aren’t any concrete plans in place at this time.

— Here is the updated card for CHIKARA’s Aniversario: Never Compromise iPPV. The show takes place June 2nd at 4PM with the following card…

Main Event Championship Bout!: Champion Eddie Kingston vs. Icarus

Two out of Three Falls Title Contest!: Champions 3.0 vs. Pieces of Hate

In a Sarcophagus Match!: Amasis vs. Ophidian

Gavin Loudspeaker vs. Tim Donst

The Spectral Envoy vs. Colony: Xtreme Force

The Colony vs. The Devastation Corporation

Young Lions Cup Rematch: Champion Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti vs. Saturyne

You can order the show at this link.

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