Aaron Paul Speaks On CM Punk/WWE, Ziggler Speaks Out


Breaking Bad star and the lead actor in the new “Need For Speed” film, Aaron Paul, who appeared at the WWE RAW show in Chicago, Illinois last Monday night, recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune about his experience. That was fun,” said Paul. “I knew (the risk). I’m an outsider. I’m not part of the WWE family.”

Paul also spoke about the CM Punk situation in WWE. “Oh yeah, he’s the guy that quit a few weeks ago,” said Paul. “I think a lot of people think he’s going to show up tonight. I don’t think so.”

Dolph Ziggler was also interviewed and spoke about Paul winning over the WWE Universe. Ziggler said, “(WWE fans) don’t take too kindly to outsiders coming in, no matter how great your show is. They got the Pinkman chant going, and I go, ‘It’s hard to win these guys over, but when you do, they’ll love you forever.'”

Check out the complete interview at ChicagoTribune.com.

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