Adam Cole Comments On Tyler Breeze’s WWE Release During His Livestream & More


AEW Superstar Adam Cole was recently interviewed by the “Into the Danger Zone with Chris Denker” podcast and he discussed his real-life friendship with former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze, how he learned about Breeze’s WWE release during one of Cole’s livestreams on Twitch, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On DaParty’s closeness as friends: “Creed, Swiss, and Breeze were all pretty tight and doing a lot of stuff with UpUpDownDown and they secretly wanted to start UNO and they were looking for a fourth and they didn’t know who they wanted to pick and they all kind of knew me but didn’t ‘know me’ know me. They’re like, ‘Adam Cole is really into video games maybe we’ll have him come on and try this UNO thing,’ right? So they were like yeah, let’s ask him and I did it and that was kind of a trial period for me, I didn’t know that, but halfway through the first episode they knew right away and I felt the same thing so between getting to play that and do that with them and then in filming a bunch of other content, I had and am having, and I’m saying ‘am having’ because the relationship has not changed ever, but I had the time of my life with those guys. I won’t dive into it much deeper, but again, talk about people we’ve impacted, [there are] so many situations where people have felt so uplifted by it, especially when I left like that was when — I mean with the stuff with Breeze, we noticed it too, but after they knew for sure, ‘Okay, Adam Cole’s in AEW, so DaParty’s definitely not gonna happen anymore.’”

On Woods helping him learn how to Twitch stream: “The amount of messages we got was just absolutely insane. There are a couple of stories here as well, but Creed spent five hours talking to me on discord, explaining to me the bare-bones minimum of how to stream on Twitch and nobody knows that. Creed is the busiest man I’ve ever met. He has a family, he has UpUpDownDown, he has sponsored stuff, he’s a full-time pro wrestler within WWE. He is the busiest, constantly hustling dude I’ve ever met, and for him to sit there five hours with a smile on his face to try to help me learn how to Twitch stream, I was like oh my god this guy’s amazing and I knew he was amazing before then.”

On learning about Breeze’s WWE release while streaming: “The other thing though, too and I did kind of briefly want to touch on this because I’ve never talked about this ever. There was a video that surfaced on Reddit and on YouTube while I’m playing Hollow Knight and it’s me on my phone… That was very real and the fans were correct, they were right. I had to [no sell it and keep it private]. it was not my business to be the one to say at all, but for people curious, because I know so many people have talked about that video, that was very real. That was exactly what happened and I was very sad and very upset. Again, that’s life and that’s the way that it happened but of course, he’s one of my best friends and that was an unfortunate situation so I guess what I’m trying to say is that’s the type of connection that I have with those three guys because normally I don’t even look at my phone while I’m streaming, I’m so in the zone, but yeah the bond that me, and Breeze, and Swiss all formed through DaParty, through UpUpDownDown, is something that I cherish forever and I do stand by I don’t think it’s the last time that we’re ever all going to make content together. I refuse to look at it as ‘goodbye.’ It’s the same thing in the video where I said, ‘It’s not goodbye, it’s just, see you later.’ That’s how I look at it.”

On telling DaParty about his AEW debut: “Truth be told, I did not make the decision officially that I was going to go to AEW until a couple of days before All Out. It was literally a few days before. The story is, I’m a night owl. I’m super late, and I get up late. I was laying in bed. Britt was asleep. It was one in the morning. I’m laying there and because my circumstance was so different, by the way. I had a great four years at WWE. Amazing. No complaints. Like, it was incredible. So I was sitting there and weighing the pros and the cons of both situations. But I was laying there. I was thinking about debuting in AEW and starting there. I got butterflies in my stomach. I was giddy. I felt like a nine-year-old. I was like all like ‘Oh, it’d be so cool.’ I’m like, ‘Man, I’m 32 Let’s do it.’ I just wanted to go for it. So I told — the only three people that knew that I was debuting at AEW, the day of, just a few hours before, was DaParty.”

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