Adam Cole Gives Some High Praise To Finn Balor, Talks NXT Match Tonight


During a recent interview with GameSpot, Adam Cole commented on Finn Balor, how long he’s been ready to face him, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Adam Cole on Finn Balor: “When you’re NXT champion, you’re preparing at the highest level all the time, not only because you’re the champion, but to keep the championship. So Finn Balor–don’t get me wrong–he’s a high-level performer, he has been for years. But again, he’ll tell you as a former NXT champion, you’re at your peak physically and mentally when you’re firing on all cylinders as an NXT champion.”

On how long he’s been ready to face Finn Balor: “I’ve been ready to go with Finn Balor for a long time, because there’s been this constant comparison between Adam Cole and Finn Balor. There’s always this discussion of who was the actual greatest NXT champion of all time,” Cole said. “All the respect in the world for Finn, but I want people to remember me as the greatest NXT champion of all time–not him.”

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