Additional Details On The Passing Of WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on the death of Pat Patterson, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 79.

Patterson got bladder cancer several years ago. While he was in bad shape, it wasn’t nearly as bad as some had reported. He also had dementia in recent years, as while he could still tell stories and entertain fans, he was moved to an assisted living situation. Patterson used to spend his summers in Montreal and winters in Hallandale in South Florida. Due to COVID and the progression of the dementia, he was more or less stuck in Florida.

Patterson was still close with Sylvain Grenier and had been a father figure to him after they met when Grenier’s father died. They were close enough that Grenier had power of attorney. When he visited Patterson last month, he saw that Patterson had lost sixty pounds. After going to the hospital, they found a tumor on his lung. He was scheduled for a biopsy today to see if the tumor was cancerous before his death on Wednesday.

On November 27th, he was taken to a hospital in South Beach due to a blood clot in his liver. It was discovered that the tumor had spread during that time. Greiner had gone back home to Montreal but was told to come back if he wanted to see him again. By the time he did, Patterson was already mentally out of it. And Grenier wasn’t allowed to spend much time in the hospital. Patterson died around 1:15 AM on Wednesday morning due to liver failure. It had been initially reported as cancer and while that was probably true (and led to the other issues), liver failure is the actual cause.

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