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NewsAl Snow Recalls Traveling With "Head" After Events

Al Snow Recalls Traveling With “Head” After Events



One of the more outlandish characters of WWE’s Attitude Era was the lovable jobber, Al Snow. The leader of the J.O.B. Squad was primarily a singles wrestler, but that doesn’t mean he was on his own. Frequently, Snow would appear with his mannequin sidekick “Head.”

Sitting down for a recent interview with “The Ten Count” podcast, Snow recalled the former gimmick that made him a fan-favorite. He admitted to bringing “Head” out with him after events to restaurants and diners, where he would continue to talk to and argue with the mannequin. The former head trainer of Tough Enough would state:

“I would do it as if I were completely and legitimately insane. People don’t realize, during that time, I carried the head everywhere. When I went out to eat after shows, I took it into diners, into restaurants, it sat across the table, I’d order dinner. We’d argue and fight. Waitresses would come up, ‘Sir, you’re making the other customers uncomfortable, they’re leaving.’ ‘Well they’re making us uncomfortable, how are we going to eat our food? They [Head] has an upset stomach, I’ve paid for their dinner, box it up please, we’re gonna go.’ Then I’d take the second meal back and eat it in the hotel later.”

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