Alberto El Patron’s Sexual Assault Trial To Start On Monday


A report from Pwinsider has stated that Alberto El Patron’s sexual assault trial will start on Monday. El Patron’s trial was originally set to begin in January of this year but has been delayed on numerous occasions.

El Patron is being charged on five separate counts. Four of which are sexual assault, and the fifth is for aggravated kidnapping. The accuser stated that El Patron had forced her to “wear a dress and dance for him” before he then violently sexually assaulted her for a period of 16 hours. She stated that El Patron said she would, “take her son and drop him in the middle of the road” if she did not stop crying from the assault. The following day, the accuser would go to the police station, where the responding officer noted she had bruises on her arms, legs, face and neck.


El Patron has denied all these allegations on multiple occasions, even as recently as last month. However, if he is convicted he could potentially face life in prison. The trial will take place in San Antonio, Texas.

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