Alexa Bliss Reveals If Ronda Rousey Would Be Welcome Back in WWE After “Fake Wrestling” Comments


During a recent interview with Express, Alexa Bliss discussed Ronda Rousey’s comments about wrestling being “fake”, on if she would be welcome back in WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On finding Rousey’s comments hurtful: “But I think it’s definitely something that hurt especially because we did welcome her with such open arms and we did accept her to the locker room and catered to every need that she needed. To kind of say what we do is fake is not fair. It’s scripted, 100 per cent finish is scripted, but we tell people that. But don’t say what we do is fake because that’s just insulting. No one really talks about it anymore after that, it was kind of like we all said our piece and we moved on because we had other things to worry about. We didn’t really dwell on it for too long.”

On if she would be welcome back to WWE: “Probably. That’s the thing with the people that we work with. Whether we get along or not, we all work together and we all respect each other and we all get the job done. There’s been people in the locker room that I haven’t got along with but you have to think about it as you’re traveling with people 300 days a year, we’re all like sisters. It’s like being in a family reunion every single day of your life. But you hash it out and you get over it and you work together and now we all get along great and we are all one big family.”

On how Rousey would probably have to do some apologizing if she returned: “I think she may have some apologizing to do because it was disrespectful and our company is built on respect. But I don’t see why she wouldn’t be welcome with open arms.”

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