Andrade El Idolo Wants Hard Roster Split & New Titles For AEW Collision


Andrade El Idolo has expressed his support for a potential brand split within All Elite Wrestling following the creation of AEW Collision, set to premiere this Saturday from the United Center in Chicago, IL, where he is slated to make his AEW return.

During a recent appearance on the “Please Steal Our Ideas” podcast, Andrade expressed his preference for a definitive ‘hard’ brand split. He said,


“I hope [the shows will be] separate. I hope [they] make a new title. Maybe separate the brands like it’s another company. I hope that Dynamite, the roster, and the talent — Collision, this new brand for AEW, I wish [for the shows to be] separate. I don’t know yet.”

Emphasizing his desire for new title belts to be created, Andrade said,

“I wish. I hope so, too because this is a new brand. We need new goals. If we have different titles, it’s good because you can compete for the title.”

In response to whether too many titles would diminish their importance, Andrade refuted,

“I think it’s good. I love the idea because this is more opportunities for the roster, more storylines for the titles. I think maybe in the future, or maybe soon, [new titles] is a good idea. I hope the office or the writers [will hear this]. Yeah, 100%. We need a new title.”

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