​Another Backstage Note On Why Alberto Del Rio Isn’t Returning To WWE


Source: The Wrestling Observer

As noted yesterday here on eWrestlingNews.com, Alberto Del Rio will not be returning to WWE after giving notice nearly 60 days ago. The report claimed that Del Rio was frustrated with the company’s lack of follow-through on promises (main event push) given to him when he returned last summer and that he gave notice 60 days ago.

According to new reports, Triple H apparently stopped the push of Alberto Del Rio because he felt Del Rio partied too much, was a liability to the company and was also a bad influence on Paige.

As reported, Del Rio gave notice in late June, which was before his Wellness Violation suspension on August 17th. Del Rio is not expected to return to the company at all at this point and after the end of September he will be free to work anywhere in the United States. He is reportedly able to work internationally immediately.

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