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NewsAnthony Bowens Had No Idea How "Crazy" Over The Acclaimed Would Get

Anthony Bowens Had No Idea How “Crazy” Over The Acclaimed Would Get



Anthony Bowens and Max Caster are riding high as the AEW World Tag Team Champions but had no idea just how over The Acclaimed would become.

The pair are in their first reigns with the gold, having won the titles at AEW Grand Slam: Dynamite last September.

In an interview with Screen Rant Plus, Bowens spoke about facing Swerve in our Glory at AEW All Out and realizing just how over The Acclaimed had become. He said,

“Did we know it would get as crazy as it did? No. Honestly, no. We got out there, and they started singing, ‘Oh, scissor me, Daddy,’ for the first time.

“I think there’s even a point in the match where I’m trying to wrestle Swerve down to the mat, and the both of us, momentarily, our differences dissipated, and we looked up and went, ‘What the hell is happening?’ Unfortunately for The Acclaimed, that special night wouldn’t be the occasion when they won AEW tag team gold.”

Bowens and Caster’s most recent title defense came at AEW Battle of the Belts V last week, retaining over Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

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