​AUDIO: Ron Simmons Speaks Out – World Title Win, ‘DAMN!’, & More


Ron Simmons recently spoke about winning a world title and more. Here are the

On Winning The World Title: At that particular time, it
wasn’t so much celebrated as the first Black World Heavyweight Champion. It was
just me having won the World Heavyweight Championship at that time. And then I
think that perhaps as time went on then it set in that history was made. That I
was the first black man to wear the World Heavyweight Championship and even to
this day I sometimes have to catch myself to make sure that was real and that I
have gone through the things that I did because I consider that to be quite an
accomplishment. And I’m proud of myself and the most proud of myself for the
fact that it opened up more doors for other young black men and women to pursue
professional wrestling. But it gave encouragement to all young athletes. So,
that’s one of the things I’m biggest and most proud of.

On Black Wrestlers Getting The Chance to be Champion in
All the years I’ve worked with WWE, that opportunity is there for
any man or woman for that matter. If you’re willing to work and put in the
dedication that it requires you will get that shot. That I have no problem with.
I’ve worked with Vince (McMahon) for quite a while. I know him, I know all of
his family members. So, that’s not true. If opportunity presents itself and if
there’s someone they consider to be worthy black or white they will get the
opportunity to put that belt on and I’m certain that it won’t be long before
that happens because you look up there you have quite a few black young men up
there now that given a couple of more years under their belt will probably be
wearing that belt really soon. So, no I have no problem with that. I think
that’s going to happen real soon.

On Tag Team Wrestling: I had the most fun starting with
Butch and Doom. It was there. But I think perhaps throughout my career and then
of course with The Nation Of Domination. With all of the guys in there I had a
lot of fun. But, my brother, and native Texan I might add, Bradshaw. It was the
most fun. I mean I couldn’t think of a better way to wind down and end my career
than being in a tag team with him and it just was fun all throughout the years
we worked together and then not only to have success at it but to be able to
entertain the people to the fullest and then to have them years after that is
over to come up and say that that was the most enjoyable period of time
throughout my wrestling career and what they’ve seen in professional wrestling.
That’s what made it worthwhile. It was definitely the highlight of my career.
After winning the World Heavyweight Championship, that would top it off. The

On The Origin of DAMN: I think that started being catchy
when I would go to different towns and I would be in a match and we would be
doing something and I would get frustrated probably because I couldn’t pin the
guy and things weren’t going my way throughout the match and they would hear me
say ‘DAMN!’ and then the people in the audience just started saying it and it
really resonated with them and it’s catchy because all of us at some point in
our lives somebody comes along and ticks us off wether it be in traffic or
whether it be your kids or whether it be someone at customer service not giving
you the best treatment you just simply have to say ‘DAMN!’

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