AW Confirms Our Exclusive Reports – Rips Linda McMahon


After WWE unceremoniously terminated A.W.’s contract Friday for what a company spokesman says was due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media after uttering a rape joke on the July 30 episode of RAW, the All World Promotions chief posted a barrage of vitriolic messages on Twitter blistering his former employer for what he percieves are double standards.

A.W. strongly feels it is unjust that he’s now out of job when Big Show made a similar remark referencing NBA player Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case, Vince McMahon reneged WWE’s anti-bullying campaign two months ago on RAW by mimicking Jim Ross’ facial paralysis, CM Punk told a fan on Twitter to kill himself, Triple H simulated mock sex with a mannequin in a casket and D-Generation X continuously references their genitals. Fans comments he posted include: “McMahon is a hypocrite! It’s cool for him to mock JR’s Bells Palsy, & you aren’t cut any slack for one joke? #BeAStarVince.”

“I hope Vince hasn’t forgot How he mocked @JRsBBQ on #RAW live, and @AWPromotions gets released for one joke?”

“@if only you had strangled someone with your tie, you’d be back within 6 months lol.”

“so Dx can tell everyone to suck it but u can’t make a joke?”

“@CMPunk told one of his twitter followers to kill themselves. biggest double standard in the world.”

“@kane has sex with a dead girl but @AWPromotions makes a kobe joke and gets fired.”

“Vince can kick the leg out from under a one legged kid, wrestle women, mock The mentally retarded and he fired you!!!”

“@Didn’t Big Show make a Kobe Bryant reference in a battle rap with Cena in 2003 … but AW gets let go?”

A.W. feels he is a casualty of Linda McMahon’s pursuit of a United States Senate seat in Connecticut, which many have speculated has led the sports-entertainment organization to take action on any matter deemed controversial so as not to affect her campaign.

He tweeted to Linda, “Creates jobs my ass!! I’m fired thanks to you and your campaign.”

A.W. is now saying EXACTLY what JTG and 15+ mid-card wrestlers have wanted to say for a long time now. Many WWE talents feel the same way … basically “daring” WWE to fire them so they can come out and speak out against WWE and their current pay, among other things. As we exclusively noted earlier here on the website, Linda McMahon’s second attempt at becoming Senator is an issue that is of great relevance to wrestlers who work for WWE present-day. Clearly there is a parallel that can be drawn from the serious drop in pay offs versus the amount of money the McMahon family is pumping into the Senate campaign.

However, WWE is in a situation where they need to be careful on how they react to issues with talent. One of Linda McMahon’s main running points is that she is a job creator. Obviously if WWE continues to release guys for speaking out, such as AW, or if someone such as JTG or another mid-card wrestler gets the boot for speaking up about the unpleasant working conditions, this would have an adverse effect on McMahon’s campaign. Her Senate opposition would be wide open to smear-campaign McMahon for claiming to be a “job creator” while the company she works for is firing talent left-and-right for attempting to speak up about negative work conditions.

Meanwhile, the talent in WWE is enduring a steady decrease in pay offs, continue to deal with unfair travel arrangements, and now are more nervous than ever before to speak up for fear of losing their jobs. If they speak up, they could be demoted and forced to do more jobs, have their characters devalued, etc. Or they could be fired outright. Thus, most talent chooses to deal with the situation the best they can, thinking it’s better to work for the major leagues under less-than-favorable conditions than work for a B-league or attempt the independent circuit under better conditions.

Following his release, AW went back to Twitter and tweeted the following: I really do hope Linda wins that election because If not then all of this BS has been for nothing. #GoLinda!!

Having been fired from the company, AW has nothing to fear for speaking out, but his tweets speak volumes. As our source indicated, the Linda McMahon Senate campaign is a hair-trigger issue right now in the company. Even a goofy, albeit positive, tweet about McMahon’s Senate run can get you fired, as AW found out this week. Talent in the company would be better served avoiding the McMahon-Senate issue altogether.

We’re told MANY more talents want to speak out against WWE but haven’t yet due to fear of getting the axe. We’re told things are going to get VERY interesting in the coming weeks, especially if more talents begin to speak out. There is a large group of talents that is seriously considering lashing out at the company due to current pay. The company is extremely worried about this and fired AW as a result of it.

More soon as things may get interesting.

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