AW Continues To Lash Out At WWE Over Firing


A.W. has continued to lambast WWE via Twitter after his contract was terminated Friday for what a company spokesman says was due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media after making a rape joke on the July 30 episode of RAW.

The boisterous personality strongly feels his firing is unfair and that he is being subject to double standards by WWE, pointing out other similar offensive events where a talent was suspended at most. He wrote, “If I smoked crack or did steroids I’d get suspended but I made a joke and tweeted support Linda and I get fired. #Doesn’tAddUp #Hmmmmm.”

A.W. posted several fan remarks noting WWE’s double standards towards offensive and inappropriate comments, including Tensai making stereotypical remarks about Japanese people last week on Tout, John Cena cracking homophobic insults on WWE programming, Randy Orton suggesting during a radio interview that Kelly Kelly had sexual relations with upwards of ten WWE Superstars, and Cena and Jerry “The King” Lawler hurling weight-related barbs toward Vickie Guerrero.

“They didn’t do shit to Randy Orton when he called Kelly Kelly a slut, you see the double standard? Fuck politics. #AWForLife.”

“Im a HUGE Cena fan, but Cena made fat jokes w/ King, genitalia jokes n homo jokes. Orton bashes K2, Vince mocks JR! #FuckUWWE”

“so stealing a car, having a yng girl trying to fuck 3 guys at once and not to mntion the Tensai thing is ok, but no jokes? #BS”

A.W. continued to point out the hypocrisy in Vince McMahon mocking Jim Ross’ affliction with Bell’s palsy while simultaneously promoting the ‘be a STAR’ anti-bullying campaign; on the June 11 episode of Raw, the WWE Chairman donned a J.R.-style hat, mimicked Ross’ facial paralysis and yelled, “Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!” He re-tweeted, “So Vince can continually bash @JRsBBQ by teasing his ball palsy but yet your comments where deemed worse? Be a star my ass.” He then posted this photo of McMahon distorting his face to ridicule Ross, with the caption reading “MOCKING JR: QUALITY PG ENTERTAINMENT.”

A.W. also pointed out McMahon using a racial slur on WWE programming in 2006, and enclosed a link to this footage footage of the segment. He noted via re-tweet, “VINCE MCMAHON CAN SAY THE “N” WORD ON NATIONAL T.V. BUT @AWPromotions CAN’T TELL A JOKE………….whats wrong with this picture???”

A.W. also feels it’s hypocritical that WWE would celebrate boxer Mike Tyson, who was convicted of rape in 1992 and sentenced to six years in prison. He re-tweeted, “You said one Kobe Bryant rape joke and you got fired. Isn’t Mike Tyson a convicted rapist? Yet he is in the HoF. Hypocrisy.” He then posted side-by-side images of himself and Tyson, with the caption over his photo reading “FIRED FROM WWE OVER RAPE JOKE” and a caption over the Tyson photo reading “CONVICTED RAPIST – WWE HALL OF FAMER.”

A.W. plans to continue to “shoot” as he has set up a second Twitter account under his real name, Brian Jossie, at BJRatedR. He noted on the account, “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to my fucking non PG world!!! Where all bets are off and I tell it like it is. Fuck the Bull Shit, I’m legit!”

As noted earlier, WWE is extremely worried over this. There are numerous mid-card talents who feel the same way A.W. does but haven’t spoken out yet due to fear of being fired from the company. One source told us “Things are going to get real interesting over the next few weeks if something isn’t done about the current frustration” within the company. The issue is it’s not just one or two guys who are pissed off right now – it’s over half of the current WWE roster who are basically coming together as one and will be speaking up sooner than later. The main issues are travel and current pay. They basically feel like they’re being treated like “sh*t” and to be honest – they are as you’re dealing with a multi-million dollar company who is being ridiculously cheap to the guys who make them all that money. We’ll post more later showing you how the company is treating their talents and it’ll start to make sense for you guys who feel they’re lucky to have a job in the first place. JTG pretty much set the tone with his tweets prior to RAW last Monday and many will or want to follow his lead. WWE did something yesterday to try to calm the situation and we’ll be posting a major exclusive update on what that was later this evening here on the website. We’ve got numerous exclusive posts coming tonight so you’re going to want to stay tuned for that.

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