Backstage News on Eric Bischoff’s View of Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon


According to a report from Sportskeeda, Daniel Bryan may be re-entering the main event scene on WWE SmackDown, as Eric Bischoff is reportedly very high on him.

Bryan, who was champion before WrestleMania, has been anchoring the blue brand’s tag team division. however, this report states that not only Eric Bischoff, but the FOX Network is very high on Bryan:

“Daniel Bryan does great work in wrestling and in promos. Eric respects that. He wants to see a lot more of it. Bryan’s going up the card for sure.”

Another interesting quote surrounds Shane McMahon. It is said that Eric Bischoff may not be looking to oversee Shane McMahon for too long which could result in the changing of one of the key parts of the WWE puzzle post-WrestleMania:

“He’s (Bischoff) learned over the years that people with creative control are a problem. He doesn’t want to oversee Shane McMahon.”

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