Backstage News On Paige Not Appearing On SDL, How WWE Officials Feel About Her As SDL GM


On last night’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live, General Manager Paige didn’t make an appearance on TV. Instead, commissioner Shane McMahon was seemingly running the show by himself. It looks like the decision to use Shane McMahon was made in order to help ease him back into his TV role before his next storyline.

Per a report from PWInsider, WWE officials are happy with the former Divas Champion’s performance as SmackDown General Manager. Shane initially returned to WWE TV last week on SmackDown 1000 and was a part of the McMahon dance party with Vince, Stephanie, Carmella, and R-Truth.

It remains unclear what WWE has planned for McMahon next, however, it’s likely he’ll be performing inside the ring sooner rather than later. With Survivor Series coming up, it’s hard not to speculate that Shane will be competing inside the ring in a similar role to what he was at last year’s Survivor Series against Monday Night RAW.

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