​Backstage News On Very Late RAW Script Changes


Source: The Wrestling Observer

As previously reported, there were a number of late changes made to the
script for this past Monday’s edition of WWE RAW. Originally, one of the main
events was going to be Daniel Bryan vs. Batista, and as late as Sunday night,
that was still the plan.

There was said to be a number of different ideas for angles that the company
wanted to do with The Wyatt Family and The Shield on RAW, but ultimately they
went with the version we saw on Monday night.

Additionally, one of the original ideas was to go with a Bray Wyatt vs. Roman
Reigns singles match for the main event of the show, however they decided
instead to go with a six-man tag-team match between both factions.

There was also a plan to have Evolution as guest timekeepers, but as noted,
they felt that the finish, with Evolution interfering and attacking The Shield,
would be too obvious if Evolution was sitting at ringside during the match.

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