​Backstage Reaction To TNA’s Deal With UTA


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

The company and people in TNA Wrestling
are said to be very happy that the company has signed a deal with United Talent
Agency (UTA). Part of the deal includes UTA representing TNA in getting a new TV
deal for iMPACT! Wrestling in the US. One reason there hasn’t been much in the
way of news for a new TV deal with TNA is because WWE hasn’t settled their TV
situation yet, however, the other side of the story is that TNA has been working
on their UTA deal and wanted to get UTA to negotiate the deal for them.
Previously, TNA did the negotiating for their TV’s deals in house.

UTA is reportedly confident they can get a
deal for iMPACT! Wrestling, be it with Spike or another network. UTA is also
expected to try and brand TNA talents with appearances on TV for brand building,
exposure, etc. Quite frankly, it’s the type of deal TNA could’ve used a long
time ago, especially with marketing campaigns. In the past, many of TNA’s
marketing campaigns have been half-baked, lame duck efforts such as “Cross the

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