Backstage Update – Several Pay Issues Within TNA


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Several wrestlers in TNA have claimed that the company was about a month behind on payroll last month and may still be late in some cases.

One source said it was bad enough that a former TNA champion was telling friends that the company was six weeks behind on his pay. Others declined to reveal how much back pay they were owed.

Someone in the office has said that there have been lay pay issues in the past, due to someone in the TNA office falling behind and it wasn’t that big of a deal. That could be the case here.

ORIGINAL: It has been reported that TNA’s relationship with OVW as a training center is “in shambles” because of various problems, including former head trainer Rip Rodgers’ problems about money.

Meanwhile, many in the company are questioning TNA’s direction and if they know what they’re doing or want to do. Sources say Al Snow, who is a road agent, has been making promises to wrestlers he can’t keep because he doesn’t have the power he acts like he has.

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