Baron Von Raschke Documentary Screening At Upcoming Film Festival


A documentary on wrestling legend Baron Von Raschke is to screen at next week’s Garden State Film Festival.

From March 28, through April 3, fans of Von Raschke will have the chance to watch the documentary, The Claw, at the Jersey Shore Arts Center.

The documentary is described as follows:

“This documentary tells the Jekyll-and-Hyde story of James Raschke, a shy and awkward boy from Nebraska who grows up to live in infamy as Baron von Raschke, one of the greatest supervillains in the history of professional wrestling and master of the world-famous Claw hold. Despite his intimidating appearance and menacing German persona, the Baron is actually a college-educated, loving, and sensitive family man, who cries watching TV commercials and disguises his huge bald head in a blond wig because he doesn’t want to get attacked by angry fans while at church on Sundays.”

Von Raschke made an appearance at AEW All Out 2021 where he used his iconic claw on Ethan Page.

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