Batista Shoots Down WWE Return Rumors


As you probably saw, Batista posted a message to Twitter that alluded to his missing performing live and that something “big” was coming soon. Some people took that message to mean a return to wrestling or MMA, but apparently that is not the case.

In response to a fan saying that he had a penchant for being cryptic, Batista posted the following to Twitter:

Here’s a cryptic message: I’m focused on movies now. No #MMA anytime soon. No #WWE plans either, but not opposed. Hopefully #MyFansSupportMe

The rumors started whem Batista posted the following to Twitter over the weekend:

“Very rewarding long week. #IMissTheDaysWhen I could entertain you live and in person, but #TrustMe, you’re going to love what’s coming…”

We noted on April 14, 2013 that Dave Bautista (aka Batista) was described as being back to his former weight of 280 pounds. He dropped lots of weight before making his MMA debut back in October 2012, but hasn’t had any talk about taking on a second fight. Bautista, 44, also recently closed down his gym in Tampa.

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