Batista Talks Returning To WWE + Dana Warrior Hesitant To Appear At Live Event


– Former WWE Champion Batista spoke with The Express-Times to promote his upcoming appearance at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA on June 21st. He talked about his WWE return down below:

“Somewhere along the line I found my groove and it felt good,” Batista says. “I only stayed away so long because it took me longer than I thought it would to do the things … I wanted to accomplish. But at the end of the day, I love being a professional wrestler. That live, automatic feedback is what I crave.”

– Here is a trailer for WWE Studios Leprechaun: Origins that features stars Hornswoggle. The film will be released on August 26th. 

Dana Warrior posted the following on Facebook about appearing at a recent WWE House Show:

“When WWE invited us to be their guests at the Rio Rancho show I was scared to go… it felt too soon. Still my Warrior girls insisted and for them I’ll do anything! Our warrior spirit got us there and our WWE family took us the rest of the way. Such a special night we will always remember. Our house may not feel like home without him… how lovely backstage at WWE still did. xo Dana”

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