Big E. Says He’d Like To See The Undertaker Dance With The New Day


WWE Champion Big E. was a recent guest on the “Rasslin’ with Brandon Walker” podcast and commented on wanting The Undertaker to dance in the ring with The New Day. He said,

“The best choices for that are always the people who you never see dance. I think ‘Taker would be perfect for it. He’s so out of his element. Yeah, that would be perfect. Undertaker. He probably would refuse, he would probably refuse, we’d need to like block off the exits. We need to like, we need to make sure to surround him so he couldn’t leave. But he’d probably just end up you know, trying to chokeslam us or something, but we’d find a way.”

Of course, The Undertaker gave his “Final Farewell” at last year’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

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