Big Update On The Great Khali’s Recent Tumor Surgery, More


ABC News has an article up on The Great Khali undergoing surgery to remove a tumor after a discovery made during a WWE exam, which you can check out here. In the article, a representative for WWE told ABC that WWE identified Khali’s acromegaly condition prior to surgery this week. It was also noted that Khali is still at risk for serious health conditions if the tumor came in contact with his optic nerves. WWE is still anticipating Khali’s return to the ring in 2-3 months and WWE spokesman Adam Hopkins had the following to say about the situation… “As part of WWE’s ongoing wellness evaluation, we are happy that The Great Khali (Dalip Singh) had successful pituitary surgery, and we look forward to him returning to the ring in the near future.”


The article then looks at whether WWE could be at fault for not pursuing surgery earlier in Khali’s career due to what one doctor described as obvious signs of acromegaly just by looking at him. In the article, a sports lawyer noted that it appears to be more of a “moral” than “legal” issue, due to the fact that WWE utilized Khali’s size as a way to profit.

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