Big WWE **SPOILERS** – RAW Main Event + Big Heel Turn


— It was announced at the SmackDown tapings that The Wyatt Family will face The Shield in a six man tag-team match on RAW next week. This is a rematch from their awesome Elimination Chamber match.

— Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker are also confirmed for next week’s RAW in Chicago, IL.

— Actor Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad: fame will be the guest host of next week’s RAW in Chicago, IL.

— As of this writing, CM Punk is not scheduled to appear at next week’s RAW in Chicago, IL.

— Batista officially turned heel at Tuesday’s night’s WWE Main Event SmackDown TV tapings. At the start of the WWE SmackDown TV taping for Friday night, Batista came out to mixed boos and cheers. He cut a promo and started off by saying “I love this business and company.” He said he did not come back to be liked. A huge C.M. Punk chant broke out. He said you don’t have to support him, but you gotta deal with it. He said it’s a fact he can destroy anyone they put in front of him. A small Daniel Bryan chant started and died quickly. Batista asked what the hell happened to this business, the real men, the attitude. A huge YES! chant broke out. He said if the fans honestly think their heroes are as good as him they need to get out of their fantasy world and to get out of his. He basically told everyone to shutup and that Daniel Bryan would never be as good as he is. He said he would destroy each of our heroes on his way to WrestleMania where he will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We’d all have to “deal with it.” Out came Dolph Ziggler. A “Let’s Go Ziggler” chant broke out. Ziggler started out by saying, “You don’t tell these people who to cheer for” and that they cheer for who they want. He said Batista is a dinosaur and sooner or later they become extinct. The crowd popped huge for that. Ziggler said he wants a match with Batista tonight. Batista said he wanted it he would get it. Ziggler dropkicked him and walked away…and the match took place later on the show. Batista wound up beating Ziggler.

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