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Bobby Cruise Joins Maria Kanellis’ New Women’s Wrestling Army Promotion



Bobby Cruise will be joining Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s new “Women’s Wrestling Army” promotion.

The following press release was sent out on Friday, announcing that the ROH ring announcer will be joining the company.

You can check out the official announcement below:

As a direct result of the many accolades garnered, in regard to, Ring of Honor’s Women’s Division in 2021, the producers of that content, wrestling celebrity Maria Kanellis-Bennett and long-time ROH Ring Announcer Bobby Cruise have announced the formation of WOMEN’S WRESTLING ARMY, a new women’s wrestling promotion that is set to debut soon. The WWA’s first live event is May I, at Fete Music Hall in Providence, RI. Tickets are available at shopiwtv.corn

The project will come complete with episodes featuring original matchups, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes access. A steady stream of mini documentaries for the new promotion will also be included which will be based off of the same vision as the highly successful 2021 “This Is Women, Wrestling” documentary that received rave reviews. In 2021, ROH Women’s Division content received some of the highest views throughout the year on the ROH YouTube channel and it was regarded as the best year of women’s wrestling in the 20-year history of ROH.
Kanellis-Bennett promises “names you know” in a free-wheeling brand of action-packed matches while also giving rnore opportunities to deserving athletes. Plus, for the first time in the history of professional wrestling, the grapplers themselves will share in the success of the promotion in a ground-breaking, pioneering profit-sharing plan.

As Kanellis-Bennett said, “We’re moving forward with this new project where the competitors will all profit from its success. They will own a part of the company and receive residual income for every appearance. These women have worked hard in the ring, suffered injury, wrestled hurt, and bled for the passion that they have for professional wrestling. This time, each burnp will mean something extra. They will, in effect, own their pains and successes.”

The ongoing docs will showcase raw slices of real-life wrestling with no artifice, keying in on the grueling but rewarding life they’ve chosen. Behind-the-scenes footage will be mixed with direct quotes and insider information.

Cruise adds that Women’s Wrestling Army will be a collaborative effort with hopes of working with other promotions to further women’s wrestling and opportunities for its athletes. “We have had preliminary discussions with other companies about working together regarding talent and title defenses as part of Women’s Wrestling Army content and we hope to talk to more promotions as well regarding working agreements”, Cruise said. He added, “We are in no way looking to be a solo act. We would love to collaborate with other companies. We just want this new venture to find its niche and audience while also doing it in the most talent friendly way we can.”

KaneIlis-Bennett and Cruise are still both very active in the current wrestling landscape with Maria appearing in IMPACT Wrestling and Cruise continuing his role as ROH ring announcer under the exciting new ownership of Tony Khan. “This new project is a complete separate entity from anything else Maria and I do within the wrestling business. and it will be in addition to other work that we may be doing for other companies. This will, in fact, be an addition to our schedules. It’s in no way a replacement for our other jobs within wrestling.”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is an icon who has been entertaining her many fans for two decades as a model, actor, dancer, singer, pro wrestler, manager, and commentator. She has seen action in IMPACT Wrestling (formerly TNA), Ring Of Honor, NJPW, and WWE. Her 2008 Playboy magazine pictorial and her 2010 appearances on Celebrity Apprentice proved her versatility. Maria is now a mother of 2 young children and wife to Impact wrestler Mike Bennett. There is nothing this wonder woman cannot do.

Bobby Cruise has served as the Lead Ring Announcer for ROH since November of 2004.

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