Bobby Lashley Sees WWE Crown Jewel Match With Goldberg As A Passing Of The Torch


Bobby Lashley was interviewed on Busted Open Radio today to promote Thursday’s WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view event.

At this event in Saudi Arabia, Lashley will wrestle Goldberg in a match he thinks will be a moment when the WWE Hall of Famer passes the torch to him. He said,

“I think I have the advantage. Across the board, I don’t see where he has the advantage in any kind of match. Goldberg is Goldberg and will always be Goldberg. He comes out there and destroys people, but I almost see this match as the passing of the guard. Eventually, I’m going to be slowed down and tired to an extent. I think I’m that guy who comes back to disrupt peoples shine when they are doing big things. I’ll come back and challenge the champ because I’ve established myself. Through this matchups with Goldberg, it’s to establish myself on another level as that guy. Across that board, of course he has the opportunity to pull something out and catch a win over me but I think ultimately, it’s my time and he’s passing that Goldberg torch over to me where it’s now the Lashley torch and it’s Lashley that comes back to take out the champion in years to come.”

H/T to Fightful for the transcript

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