Bound For Glory Series Update + Quick CZW TOD Results


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Here are some quick CZW Tournament of Death results from Saturday:

* Danny Havoc defeated Devon Moore and Lucky tHURTeen in a Drunken Scaffold Match

* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Drake Younger defeated Rory Mondo in an Ultraviolent Ladder match

* Masada defeated Scott Summers in a Panes of Glass

* In an Ultraviolent Bats match, Big Japan champion Abdullah Kobayashi defeated Matt Tremont.

* In a Semi-Final, Drake Younger defeated Danny Havok in what was billed as a Caribbean Spider Web Death Match

* In a semi-final, CZW champion Masada defeated Big Japan champion Abdullah Kobayashi in what was billed as a Big Japan Death Match

* CZW champion Masada defeated CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Drake Younger to win the 2012 Tournament of Death in a no ropes, barbed wire match that saw two sides of the ring exposed with barbed wire nets bridged between the apron and the rails

— Saturday night in Oshawa, ONT, Samoa Joe picked up 10 points and Daniels picked up 5 points in the Bound For Glory Series. Joe earned his points via submission victory over Robbie E, while Daniels scored a count-out victory over Kurt Angle.


* James Storm – 34 points

* Samoa Joe – 17 points

* Kurt Angle – 10 points

* Mr. Anderson – 7 points

* Magnus – 7 points

* Pope D’Angelo Dinero – 7 points

* Jeff Hardy – 7 points

* Christopher Daniels – 5 points

* Rob Van Dam – 0 points

* AJ Styles – 0 points

* Bully Ray – 0 points

* Robbie E – 0 points

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