Brandi Rhodes & others celebrate first Mother's Day

Brandi Rhodes Comments On Being Able To Spend More Time With Her Daughter These Days


Brandi Rhodes was recently interviewed by PEOPLE and commented on being able to spend more time with her daughter Liberty these days, her daughter possibly getting into wrestling when she grows up, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On spending time with Liberty: “I’ve had many career changes that weren’t really anticipated over the past year and it actually turned out to be a really great thing because through these changes I have had the ability to be like, ‘You know what? I’m prioritizing my daughter.’ So we are literally just doing whatever we want. We’re discovering things together, we’re traveling together. I’m able to say, ‘Hey, I want my baby here.’ I’ve been blessed with the freedom to be able to see motherhood exactly how I want to right now and that was not always going to be the case.”

On the possibility of Liberty getting into wrestling: “Of course if that’s something she ends up loving and being interested in, then of course we’ll go that direction and encourage her. But I really want her to know that ‘Hey, just because this is what Mom and Dad did, maybe I don’t have to do that at all. Maybe I’m into ice skating, maybe I’m into soccer, maybe I want to cook.’ The world is literally her oyster. That is 100 percent why I did everything the way that I did. I wanted to have a child and in that period tell her to go explore. I don’t want her to feel confined in any type of way. I want to be able to support her however I need to.”

On her anxiety after her daughter’s birth: “The fear and the everyday worry [about Liberty] doesn’t go away but the trickling effect of it does go away. Of course every once in a while I’ll have a thought or I’ll think of something going wrong, but I’m able to rationalize it now and take a deep breath and say, ‘Hey, these are all worries that are okay to have but the reality is she is safe and she’s okay.’ And that goes a long way.”

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