Bray Wyatt Forgives John Cena After “Lessons Painfully Learned”


Bray Wyatt has forgiven John Cena as part of his new character. The two stars have wrestled several times most notably at WrestleMania 30 and in 2017 at the Elimination Chamber PPV where Wyatt won the WWE Title from Cena.

Wyatt wrote the following on his official Twitter account:

“Bad people don’t start off bad, it’s the choices they make. They make these choices because they want to be remembered, envied, worshipped. Intentions always start off just, but then the journey happens…. and the CHOICES you make cement your legacy. To be continued… I wanted to be brave and courageous , but I lost my way. I gave into desires and lost my meaning. Lessons painfully learned. I can be a hero. I will be a hero. Because you need me to be. I forgive you @JohnCena. Thank you for the painful lessons#DanceWithMeYouFool.”

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